Fine Dining

The Iroquois Boating & Fishing Club (IBC) is a family focused fine dining club on the shores of Conneaut Lake, the largest natural lake in the state of Pennsylvania at three miles by one.

We provide lakeside dining at various outlets throughout our four acre property, be it the shaded south lawn, beach, lounge, patio, or our main dining room.

The IBC is a food and beverage operation. Chef Adam Hurban and Sous Chef Paul Medrick lead their team in the kitchen, focusing on seasonal ingredients for the flavor to create casual and upscale dishes.

Taylor Lucian heads our beverage program handcrafting cocktails behind our contemporary spacious bar.

Assistant Manager, Judson Hunter, purchases the wine, writes the list, which expands to more than a hundred bottles, and is there to help with any pairings between wine and food.

General Manager, Sandy Hunter, with fifty years of experience in hotel and restaurant management has spent half her career at the IBC.